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Best Treatment for Dry Skin: Tips from Dermatologists

Ask Your Skin Care Specialist: What Causes Dry Skin?

Do you wonder how to care for dry skin? Can dry skin be prevented? When should you see a skin care specialist? Many people have questions like these, especially in the winter months. There are some easy things you can do to help prevent dry skin as well as simple treatments for skin that is already extremely dry and itchy.

Our Patients Are Asking for Relief

Dry skin can be an issue all year round, but we get more questions and concerns from patients during the winter. Since western South Dakota winters are typically very cold and dry, residents frequently suffer from severe dry skin during that time. If you are experiencing dry itchy skin, what can you do to find relief?

Top Tips from Dermatologists

The American Academy of Dermatology website, a valued and trustworthy dermatology resource, has compiled the top tips from dermatologists about dry skin relief and also has provided a video about treating dry skin. If your dry skin persists after using the tips, please schedule an appointment with our office for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.